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Builders with cojones

I have hiked steep trails where heavy railway tie similes of wood have been hauled up the sharp inclines, then inserted into sections of the trail, for ease of hiking and/or erosion prevention. It’s enough of a challenge for me just to hike wild terrain. I can’t imagine packing that weight up, and not falling off the side of the mountain.

Therefore, you can understand how seriously boggled my mind becomes when considering the mindset required in building the El Caminito del Rey in Spain in the early 1900’s:


Yes, people have fallen to their death walking that disintegrating path.  But, what about the people who built it?!  Sitting in on those planning committee meetings must have been riveting.

There is the famous “hanging monastery” in Datong, China:

Hanging monastery

What were the job qualifications to build that?

And, in Antarctica: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qz2SeEzxMuE

How do you even begin to build in that insane weather?

Some heroes appear in the battlefield or crime fighting.  Others quietly work in high risk jobs that no one else will take.

I salute you.