Blowing kisses

cherie-2009062432211-157-originalI’m pet sitting for friends for a few days.  They live in the countryside, which includes rolling hills, orchards, livestock, and rusted out farm equipment creatively displayed in designed landscapes.

I took a long walk with my camera, periodically snapping moments that caught my eye.  It’s a breezy day, so I also shot a short video of an old school windmill easily performing its assigned task.

I received a call on my cell from a business networker “inviting” me to join their workshops.

She asked, “Are you in the wind?”

“Yes,” I laughingly replied.  “I’m strolling down a few country roads, and it’s a bit gusty in some spots.”

She advised it was difficult to hear because of the wind. I turned around, so the wind was at my back, and politely declined the workshop, but added, “May the wind take you where you’d like to be.”

She chuckled and responded, “May you create your own wind.”

“Uh, the good kind,  I hope.”  Yes, I’m a smartass.  But, she laughed, and I hung up.

After returning to the house, I turned on the laptop to check email, etc., and to see what interesting things were happening on hulu. This popped up:!watch/455789

Coincidence?  Happy Valentine’s Day!


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