Widows and Cows

A friend had received a new hairstyle, and I decided that I needed one, too.  She asked me to move my bangs around to see how I would look with them off to the side, and as I did, she screamed, “Oh, my gawd!  You have a widow’s peak.  I never noticed that before.”

Startled at her overreaction, visions of Eddie Munster danced in my head.

Marilyn Monroe had a widow’s peak, though, I remembered.  So, I’m going with her.

When I saw my hairdresser, I asked him about widow’s peaks, and he thought it may be a “generation thing,” because he hasn’t seen them on younger women. Anyone out there notice this?

Then, there is my strong cowlick – to the left of my widow’s peak. In high school, I had bangs with a part down the middle.  Between my cowlick and naturally wavy hair which caused a flip on either side, I was called The Flying Nun, until it occurred to me that I had other hairstyle options.

My hairdresser told me I have a couple of cowlicks on the back of my head as well, but I can’t see those, so I’m pretending they don’t exist.

I did learn something though.  When I told him the base of the cowlick wouldn’t color easily, he said it’s because there’s more heat there, and to simply put a little more color on it before finishing.  Now you know.


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