Krazy for Karaoke

Your name has been called. Tossing back another swig of your drink, you focus on the front of the room. One step at a time, you head toward the man with his arm outstretched, ready to hand you the microphone. You wonder what the hell you’re doing up here. Don’t look. But, you do. A roomful of faces looking at you, waiting to judge. This is worse than waiting to be picked for the basketball team in high school. You look at the monitor where the lyrics will be cued. You don’t even remember what song you selected. Oh, yeah. It’s okay. I can do this. You hear the first few words melodically surf out of your soul, which sound a lot different than when you’re in the car or in the shower. Do I really sound like that? Well, can’t stop now. Somehow, you get through the song and hand the mic back to the man behind the machines. Is that applause? Are they seriously cheering for me? Smiling bashfully, you return to your bar stool. Can’t believe I did that. Okay. Well, I might do that again.

Karaoke is fun and addicting. It’s playtime for adults that’s legal and doesn’t discriminate.

Singing is a way of escaping.  It’s another world.  I’m no longer on earth.”  – Edith Piaf

Terrible, moderate or professional singing abilities, karaoke unifies everyone in the room, regardless of their background, faith belief systems or political views. 

Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam appeared on the Sundance Channel’s “Iconoclasts.” It was a couple of years ago, so I’m paraphrasing, but he said that when he looks out over the audience, he thinks, “For the next couple of hours, they all agree on something.”

When a roomful of strangers joins in your song, it’s a phenomenally natural high.

What’s been your favorite karaoke experience?


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